Christmas Parade


Parade Rules

Line up will start NO earlier than 3:30 PM

PURPOSE: D’Iberville/St. Martin Chamber of Commerce invites you to participate in the annual Christmas Parade.

REGISTRATION: All participants must be registered with D’Iberville/St. Martin Chamber of Commerce parade committee and pay the appropriate fee by the deadline date.

LIABILITY: Each participating unit much sign a statement that relieves the “D’Iberville/St. Martin Chamber of Commerce” of any liability/responsibility for any property damage and/or personal injuries sustained by any person(s) while going to or from and during the parade.

HEIGHT LIMITS:  Floats must not exceed 13 feet! There are overhead cables on the route. If you have a double-decker float, you will need to have an individual designated as a spotter on the top deck to watch for low cables/tree limbs. They also need to be able to communicate with the driver pulling the float.

GENERAL: Do not stop or create gaps or breaks in the parade. In the event of mechanical failure or any other reason that the float/unit becomes disabled and cannot complete the parade, please remove it from the parade route for the rest of the parade to pass.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Parade participants are asked to practice moderation when consuming spirits. Have fun but be safe. Drivers will not inhale, drink, or consume anything intoxicating prior to or during the parade. Doing so is grounds for removal from the parade and arrest.

SMOKING: If you must smoke, we ask that you do not throw you cigarette butts from your floats or vehicles.

TRASH: Do not throw your trash from your floats/vehicles. You can be charged for littering.

CONDUCT: Participant’s conduct must be in good taste!

THROWS: Any child safe object may be used as a throw such as beads, candy, cups, soft toys etc. Hard or sharp objects may not be used.

Management and Adherence to Rules:

The D’Iberville/St. Martin Area Chamber of Commerce Parade Officials and Police Officers have complete and total authority over all aspects of the parade; therefore, they have total discretion and the unquestionable right to refuse participation or removal of a participant from the parade. Failure to obey the directions and/or abusing the parade officials, or failure to obey the above listed rules can result in refusal/removal from the parade.

For more information contact: D'Iberville/St. Martin Chamber of Commerce at 228 392-2293 or email at

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